The Yellow Moon of Andalusia (Spanish Songboo


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A Cycle of Six Poems by Federico Garcia Lorca for Mezzo-Soprano and Amplified Piano


  • I. Pause of the Clock (Claro del Reloj)
  • II. Ballade of the Little Square (Balada de la Placeta
  • III. Qasida of theLament (Casida del Llanto)
  • IV. Cicada! (¡Cigarra!)
  • V. Song of the dead Orange Tree (Cancón del Naranjo Seco)
  • VI. Inthe Forest of Clocks (La Selva de las Relojes)

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Item Number: EP68425
Format: Sheet Music
Duration: 21 Mins
Instrumentation: Mez-PF(amp)

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