Six Melodies for Violin and Guitar

John Cage / Aaron Larget-Caplan
Violin & Guitar
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Arranged for Violin and Guitar by Aaron Larget-Caplan from John Cage's Six Pieces for Violin and Piano

About this Edition: "Very few changes were made in adapting the piano part to the guitar. A few notes were given different registers, a couple of chords were re-voiced, and there is some use of natural and artificial harmonics where technically necessary. My direction of timbre: dolce vs. normal sound (p.n.) come from Cage’s precise indications of pedal and una corda (see below). The indicated use of other timbers and attacks: ponticello (p.s.) and pizzicato are my own. The violin part is the exact same one as in the original score."– Aaron Larget-Caplan, Boston, MA, 2013

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Item Number: EP68526
Format: Sheet Music
Instrumentation: Vn-Gtr

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