Silent Songs

Vocal cycle (24 Songs) in four parts after poems by classic poets

Valentin Silvestrov
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The composer weaves the polyphony of the poets' voices (Pushkin, Lermontov, Tyutchev, Baratynsky, Yesenin, Mandelstam, Keats, Shelley, and others) into an integral whole, into a mysterious harmony. The hero of the cycle is poetry itself. 'I felt the need to bow to poetry, to wait for the poem to sing itself.' (Valentin Silvestrov)


Five Songs on verses by Baratynsky, Keats, Pushkin and Shchevchenko:

  • Song can tend the ailing spirit (Y. Baratynsky)
  • There were storms and blizzards ( Y. Baratynsky)
  • La Belle Dame sans merci (J. Keats)
  • O melancholy time! (from “Autumn” by A. Pushkin)
  • Farewell, O world, O earth (from “A Dream” by T. Shevchenko)

Eleven Songs on verses by Pushkin, Mandelstam, Lermontov, Tyutchev, Shelley and Essenin

  • What is my name to you? (A. Pushkin)
  • I will tell you with complete directness (O. Mandelstam)
  • I drink to the health of Mary (A. Pushkin)
  • Winter journey (A. Pushkin)
  • White, a solitary sail (M. Lermontov)
  • I met you … (F. Tyutchev)
  • The Isle (P. Busshe Shelley)
  • Something unspoken, blue and tender (S. Yessenin)
  • Autumn song (S. Yessenin)
  • Swamps and marshes (S. Yessenin)
  • Winter evening (A. Pushkin)

Three Songs on verses by Mikhail Lermontov

  • When the yellowing cornfield stirs
  • I set out on the road alone
  • Mountain summits (after J.W. von Goethe “Über allen Gipfeln ist Ruh”)

Five Songs on verses by Pushkin, Tyutchev, Mandelstam and Zhukovsky

  • Elegy. Verses composed at night during a time of insomnia (A. Pushkin)
  • Choral. A vengeful God has taken everything from me (F. Tyutchev)
  • Meditation. It’s time, my friend, it’s time! (O. Mandelstam)
  • Ode. And Mozart in water, and Schubert in birdsongs (O. Mandelstam, there: “Schubert in water, an Mozart in birdsongs”)
  • Postlude. Recollection (“Those sweet companions”) (V. Zhukovsky)

Additional Information

Item Number: BEL620
Format: Sheet Music
Number of Pages: 120
Duration: 110 Mins
Barcode: 9790203005384
ISMN: 979-0-2030-0538-4
Instrumentation: baritone (soprano) and piano

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