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"Since 2009, I have been giving presentations under the umbrella title of PASSAGE. The intent of these performances - during which I read some texts aloud and interact with others that I have previously recorded - is to bring materials together in a non-linear way - images, musical performances, sounds, as well as texts - so as to allow each individual observer to make his or her own connections, find their own meanings. In using the term "non-linear," I mean to indicate that no logical succession, no chronology, no "argument" has been predetermined. I put elements together for each presentation of PASSAGE in such a way that the continuity seems appropriate to that occasion. There is no intentional design, but rather the cultivation of inner whisperings about which elements (textual, auditory, visual) belong together. My practice might be thought of as a contemporary parallel to the tradition of the troubadour. I am a traveler through life who has accumulated tales that are now selectively shared." --  Roger Reynolds

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