'In Armonia'

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Size: Adult Large. Heavy-weight 100% cotton. Quote in Cage's own handwriting on the front pocket area: 'Shortly I'll be writing again (this time for orchestra). What will it be? ... I don't know. As usual I want to keep from interrupting the silence that's already here. 'Bubbles on the surface of silence.' That's how Thoreau described genius, that way or nearly that way.'

'Aria' was written for Cathy Berberian, whose own work is also represented on one of our posters. The vocal lines, pitched vertically and using 5 languages as well innovative notation, are drawn in black, and the 10 styles represented by the dotted lines and colors (which are added to the black lines) must be established by the vocalist. 'In Armonia' is a detail from page 12 of Aria. It is the sole instruction on that page, adding even more weight to the simple but poignant text.

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