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"I met Sadiq Bey at an exhibition of art works by my friend, the artist Detlev GŁnther in a gallery in Berlin sometime in 2015 or 2016. We both soon discovered we had roots in Detroit, where he was born, as was my father. We spoke about art, culture, politics and the great civil rights activist Rosa Parks, whom he had known personally. He gave me his book of poetry, ""Albert Ayler is blowing the horn that announces the end"". Albert Ayler is one of my personal heroes, one of the truly great and individual jazz musicians of his era. In reading the poems I immediately realized that the words and lines were calling music to my inner ear. So I thought I would ask for permission to set some of the poems to music. The baritone Holger Falk had asked me for some songs and somehow this seemed a good match. It was more easily thought than accomplished however, because Sadiq is also a musician and the idea that someone else would write music to his poetry was a completely foreign concept, so he first asked me to send him some music and then after some consideration said he didn't think it was such a good idea.... Then, a bit later he contacted me again and said he was sorry for being so protective and that I should feel free, if I were still interested. Of course I was and this cycle is the result of my wrestling with his lines. Sadiq's poetry traverses a wide range of topics, as does all good poetry. My inner eye, and ear, were attracted by his writings on the great Protestant mystic Jakob Boehme on the one hand and on short poems which describe intimate moments that at least to me seem related to the instances of divine knowledge central to Boehme's thought. And of course the invocation of Albert Ayler. The cycle is dedicated to my friend, the baritone Holger Falk, who premiered them together with the pianist (and composer) Steffen Schleiermacher, in Stuttgart at the Hugo Wolf Gesellschaft in July 2017."

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Item Number: EP14458
Format: Sheet Music
Number of Pages: 44
Publication Date: 10/12/2019
Barcode: 9790014135737
ISMN: 9790014135737
Format: 232 x 303 mm
Instrumentation: Baritone Voice and Piano
Language: English

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