'Agnus Dei' (Peace Symbol)

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"Agnus Dei" (Peace Symbol) T-Shirt (L)||Size: Adult Large. Heavy-weight 100% cotton. Quote in Crumb's own handwriting on the front pocket area: 'I believe that music surpassess even language in its power to mirror the innermost recesses of the human soul.'||Volumes I and II of George Crumb's Makrokosmos are subtitled '12 Fantasy Pieces after the Zodiac': each piece is dedicated to an individual born under that birth sign. The 12th fantasy in each set was chosen to adorn our t-shirts and posters. 'Agnus Dei', meaning 'lamb of God,' represents the goat sign Capricorn, and was harmoniously chosen to look like a peace symbol. This image appears on our poster TPR 004.

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