A Basic Countertenor Method

Peter Giles
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Designed for both the teacher and student, this guide provides a complete review of techniques used in countertenor singing. With illustrated diagrams and exercises, the vital aspects of resonance, different registers, breathing, and vocal agility are all explored.


128 pages


  • Foreword
  • Preface and Introduction
  • 1. Historical note
  • 2. The steady voice
  • 3. Some vocal cautions andcounsel
  • 4. The teaching, or otherwise, of vocal registration and how it affects the countertenor
  • 5. Historical vocal colourand its implications for the singer today
  • 6. The method
  • 7. The exclusive use of Mode Two, and further development of thethrough-range
  • 8. Exercises of greater length
  • 9. The voice and its further workings
  • 10. Upper Mode Two and small orpipe register
  • 11. Some final thoughts
  • Booklist for further practical work and study

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