An Album of Brazilian Dances

Victor Fell Yellin
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for piano
This fascinating collection draws on a virtually unknown set of Brazilian dances for piano published at the end of the nineteenth century in Rio de Janeiro. These pieces blend the melodic charm and grace of the European polka and other dance forms with the sparkle and syncopation of Afro-Caribbean styles. The result is a repertoire filled with verve and wit that will appeal to players and audiences alike.

  • Melodic, little-known repertoire from South America, originally published between 1870-1890
  • 21 attractive pieces, variety of dance styles
  • Infusion of Afro-Caribbean and European style
  • Ideal repertoire for piano study and concert programmes
  • Full introduction to the repertoire, notes on the composers and dances, and on editorial policy


  • Alvarenga, Francisco Xavier de Matos: O Periquito
  • Azevedo, Arnolfo: Porquê Não? . . .
  • Callado,Joaquim Antonio da Silva: Iman
  • Chirol, A. S.: O Annel do Enéas Pontes
  • Goldschmidt, Amelia: Teteia
  • Gonzaga, Francisca 'Chiquinha': Só No Chôro
  • Gonzaga, Francisca 'Chiquinha': Teu Sorriso
  • Guzman, Federico: AChilena
  • Milanez, Abdon: Ahi! Não Tenho Mais Onde Cahir
  • Lavildevan: Assucar com Canella
  • Milanez, Abdon:Suzana Vae à Missa
  • Nazareth, Ernesto de: Os Teus Olhos Cativam
  • Noronha, Francisco de Sa: Amor Tem Fogo
  • Reis, Julio Cezar do Lago: Herminia
  • Reis, Julio Cezar do Lago: João Féra
  • Reis, Julio Cezar do Lago: QuemMe Quer?!
  • Rocha, Henrique da: Já Séi . . . já séi . . .
  • Dos Santos, Antonio José:Marocas
  • Rubio, A.: Tango dos Jornalistas
  • Silveira, F. L. da: Tentação
  • Xarau, Jayme: O Sospirodas Flores

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Item Number: 9780193856615
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 64
Publication Date: 16/11/2006
ISBN: 9780193856615
Voices: Solo
Force: Solo piano


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