Fiddle Time Runners

A second book of easy pieces for violin

/ David Blackwell / Kathy Blackwell
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Fiddle Time is a great series for young violinists. Packed with lively original tunes, well-known pieces, and easy duets, the series is carefully paced and organized to build confidence every step of the way.

  • pieces and duets using the finger patterns 0-12-3-4 and 0-1-2-34
  • traditional tunes and pieces by well-known composers from Handel to Mozart
  • original pieces in a range of styles from rag to flamenco
  • compatibility with Viola Time Runners - most pieces can be played together
  • fantastic illustrations by Martin Remphry
  • play-along and backing (accompaniment only) tracks, with live band, string quartet, guitar, and accordion backings, as well as fun sound effects, available to download from a Companion Website
  • practice tracks recorded at a slower tempo for some pieces
  • piano and violin accompaniments available separately


  • Kathy and David Blackwell: Start the show
  • Trad. Jamaican: Banyan tree
  • Kathy and David Blackwell: Heat haze
  • Kathy and David Blackwell: Medieval tale
  • Trad.: Cornish May Song
  • Kathy and David Blackwell: Chase in the dark
  • Trad. Scottish: Merrily danced the quaker's wife
  • Trad.: O leave your sheep
  • J. Pierpont: Jazzy Jingle bells
  • Mozart: Allegretto in G
  • Trad. American: Pick a bale of cotton
  • Daquin: Noel
  • Handel: Finale from theWater Music
  • Beethoven: Ecossaise in G
  • Kathy and David Blackwell: Fiddle Time rag
  • Trad.: Playing on the ol'banjo
  • Kathy and David Blackwell: On the go
  • Trad.: Yodelling song
  • Kathy and David Blackwell: Takin' it easy
  • Kathy and David Blackwell: Gypsy dance
  • Trad. (sea shanty): Ten thousand miles away
  • Kathy and David Blackwell:I got those fiddle blues
  • J. C. Bach: Air in G
  • Charpentier: Prelude from Te Deum
  • Kathy and David Blackwell:That's how it goes!
  • Trad. Indian: Hari coo coo
  • Kathy and David Blackwell: Summer evening
  • Kat hy and DavidBlackwell: Flamenco dance
  • Trad. Jamaican: Adam in the garden
  • Trad. American: Somebody's knocking at your door
  • Trad. (sea shanty): The old chariot
  • Handel: Air
  • Trad. Scottish: The wee cooper o' Fife
  • Kathy and DavidBlackwell: Winter song
  • Trad. Irish: Rory O'More
  • Kathy and David Blackwell: Trick cyclist
  • Kathy and DavidBlackwell: Aerobics!
  • Kathy and David Blackwell: Caribbean sunshine

Additional Information

Item Number: 9780193386785
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 32
Publication Date: 04/07/2013
Barcode: 0
Format: 311x232
Voices: Solo
Force: Easy violin pieces
Level of difficulty: A-B


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