Music in the School

Janet Mills
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How do some schools get music so right while others get it so wrong? Janet Mills, a former HMI and teacher, draws on work in more than 800 schools and published research as she seeks to help schools improve their practice - no matter how good it is already. Successful teaching, she argues, is creative, uplifting, enabling, and, above all, rooted in music. The aim of this book is to 'Put the music back into music'.Thought-provoking, challenging, and empowering, this book is an essential read for all those interested in music in schools, including class teachers, instrumental teachers, and researchers. Using informative and entertaining examples and anecdotes, Janet Mills criticizes notions such as 'musical children' and 'musical schools', and comments on the roles of instrumental teachers and so-called 'non-specialists'. She explores how music in school can, and must, interact with music out of school, and considers how to measure progress in music - and how not to. Music in the School is not a step-by-step guide to better teaching, but rather a springboard for consideration, reflection, and action. Anyone who cares about music at school will find this book a powerful tool.

  • A powerful resource for class, instrumental, and 'non-specialist' music teachers, and researchers
  • Helps all schools improve their practice, no matter how good it is already
  • By former HMI and Ofsted specialist advisor for music
  • Covers a wide range of music education topics
  • Draws on informative and entertaining examples and anecdotes, as well as on published research
  • Written in a direct and engaging style, its ideas often challenging or thought-provoking


  • Introduction
  • All change?
  • Teaching music musically
  • Creating, interpreting, and responding to music
  • Making music
  • Teaching instruments musically
  • How not to teach music musically
  • The musical student
  • The musical school
  • What music?
  • Making progress in music
  • The other eighteen hours
  • Why ismusic so boring?
  • Learning from research

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Item Number: 9780193223035
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 256
Publication Date: 14/04/2005
ISBN: 9780193223035
Format: 234x156
Force: Education handbook
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