12 Études in All the Minor Keys

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This set of virtuoso etudes by one of today's top pianists was written over a span of 25 years, and includes both original character pieces and also works that incorporate elements of or refer back to works by well-known composers.

"More than half of this collection has been previously available, circulating among pianists and interested parties for a number of years. However, previous incarnations of some of the earlier etudes are now obsolete, since I have made a significant number of changes and improvements." (Marc-Andre Hamelin)


  • No.1 in a "Triple Etude after Chopin"
  • No.2 in e "Coma Berenices"
  • No.3 in b "after Paganini-Liszt"
  • No.4 in c"Etude a mouvement perpetuelle semblamble (d'apres Alkan)"
  • No.5 in g "Toccata grottesca"
  • No.6 in d "Esercizio per Pianoforte(Omaggio a Domenico Scarlatti)"
  • No.7 in eb "after Tchaikovsky (for the left hand alone)"
  • No.8 in bb "Erlkönig (afterGoethe)"
  • No.9 in f "after Rossini"
  • No.10 in f# "after Chopin"
  • No.11 in c# "Minuetto"
  • No.12 in ab "Preludeand Fugue"

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Format: Sheet Music
Duration: 60 Mins
Barcode: 9790300756936
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