Reynolds Interviews Online at Library of Congress


The Library of Congress is celebrating Pulitzer-winning composer and electroacoustic pioneer Roger Reynolds is with the release of nine interviews with the sui generis multimedia artist, totaling over eight hours of video footage. A complete guide to the interviews can be found at on the Library of Congress website.

Reynolds, trained as a scientist before making the shift towards a career in musical composition, uses mathematical ideas as well as computer technology to explore new musical forms, to exploit the use of space in music and to conceive new forms of musical theater. The Roger Reynolds Collection at the Library of Congress, established in 1998, is dedicated to making materials related to the composer and his music available to the public.

The interviews, conducted by David Plylar and James Wintle of the library's Music Division,  traverses a wide range of topics, with particular attention to Reynolds' uses of text and of the human voice, to the technologies and aesthetics of spatialization in music, to specific musical projects, and—in conversation with his wife Karen Reynolds and his friends Thomas DeLio and Katherine Malfa–the composer's own life story. 

For more information on Roger Reynolds and the Roger Reynolds Collection, readers and researchers can visit the Collection's website at

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