Works by Richard Strauss continue to remain fully protected by copyright in certain territories after 1 January 2020, principally in France, Spain and Colombia. Therefore if you wish to use any Richard Strauss works in these territories (or any combination of territories which include these territories (e.g. European or worldwide exploitation via any means) you must obtain the relevant licence from Edition Peters or our affiliates.

Licensing and Copyright

Applying for a Licence

The use of copyright music requires the appropriate licence to be obtained in advance.

Concert performances and broadcasts

Concert performances and broadcasts of our repertoire are licensed via ASCAP or BMI or their affiliated societies overseas.

Other uses

To apply for all other music licenses including:

  • Media Synchronisation licensing for use in film, television, DVD and online
  • Grand right licensing for opera and ballet
  • Reprint Licensing to reproduce a copyright work in print, electronic or digital form
  • Permission to make an arrangement of a copyright work
  • Permission to sample a recording of a copyright work into another work

or if you have any questions relating to any of our copyrights, please contact us directly with full details of your licensing requirements and we will be pleased to guide you through the licensing process.

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