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Silk Road Library
In association with Central Conservatory of Music Press, Beijing

From its very beginnings (c. BC 130) during the Han Dynasty to its closure in the mid-15th century, the original Silk Road defined the shape of the commercial and cultural landscape of the ancient and medieval world.

Working with our colleagues at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, Edition Peters is delighted and privileged to release this new landmark project, the Silk Road Library. A select group of China’s leading contemporary composers has been commissioned to compose a range of orchestral works inspired by the cultural exchange and rich legacy of theSilk Road, looking forward to the new Belt and Road Initiative of the 21st century. Leipzig, the historic home of Edition Peters, sits proudly on this New Silk Road.

There are many splendid cultural achievements along the Silk Road, some of which have become cultural treasures in China because of their historical, ethnic and regional characteristics.

In 2014, the China Intangible Culture Heritage Research and Conservations Centre was founded by the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) and the Music Research and Creation along the Silk Road Project was launched. The project consists of two aspects: research and composition, embracing the concepts of conservation, understanding and recreation.

The works included in this new Silk Road Librarybelong to the second phase of the project, recreation. Inspiration for these works was derived from the composers’ journeys along the Silk Road and each piece represents a strongly personalized response to, and understanding of, the enormous significance of the Silk Road. The series includes a range of highly individual compositional styles and each composer has made profoundly different aesthetic choices to express their understanding and experiences of the Silk Road.

Prof Zhang Boyu
Managing Director, Central Conservatory of Music Press
Director, China Intangible Culture Heritage Research and Conservations Centre

This series offers an inspirational new range of repertoire for orchestras and venues, providing the opportunity to forge stronger cultural links between East and West. Each work in the series will be released as a high-quality custom print full score for sale, with orchestral parts available for rental.

Heaven in the Grotto
  • Heaven in the Grotto
  • £131.00
Path of Gladness
  • Path of Gladness
  • £103.00
Rhyme of Strings
  • Rhyme of Strings
  • £81.00
The Hanging Gardens
  • The Hanging Gardens
  • £103.00
The Wind Passing Through the Vast World
  • The Wind Passing Through the Vast World
  • £91.00
Two Frescos of Dun Huang
  • Two Frescos of Dun Huang
  • £91.00
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