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Django Bates

The idea of Interval Song is for students to get to know the intervals in the most enjoyable way. It is useful for students of any age and I observed whilst recording this song that the young choir sang it without realising its didactic aim. They also learnt it by heart with no effort. Secret teaching is the aim!

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Play the performance track 1 from the CD and have students follow the vocal line in the score. They may start to sing along straight away. Play track 2 and get students to sing the intervals in the gaps. (You may like to use track 3, the slower version.) Track 4 is a backing track for final performance: students sing the whole song and may even like to whistle along at bar 78.

There is a piano part for those who wish to perform or rehearse without the CD. Bass players can double the left hand of the piano part, percussion can be added, and chordal instruments can follow the chord symbols.
I wish you good luck and great enjoyment!
Django Bates

  • sheet music - voice, piano and chords
  • photocopiable lyric sheets
  • a CD including a performance, learning tracks and a backing track
  • a guide to all the intervals contained in the song

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