Munteres Geflügel (Lively Feathered Friends)

Ulrich Deppe
Score and Parts
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Munteres Geflügel (for recorder or flute, and piano)

"In each of the works included in 'Lively Feathered Friends', I have presented the character of a certain winged creature; a more exact explanation of the music is found at the end of each piece or annotated in the score. For example, in 'Pteranodon Takes Off', the first attempts at flight by a fledgling dinosaur are depicted as glissandi and clusters while in 'The Eagle - King of the Air' I have blended calls of the raptor made as the bird circles the sky within the majestic melody. The inclusion of stories and pictures is meant to make it easier for the young performers on the piano to develop concrete musical imagery and deep emotional involvement in the music. The recorder and pianoparts of these catchy pieces are easy to play by design; I wish to make it possible for children and young people of the same age to perform music together. The many varieties of winged creatures correspond to the wide range of styles in the pieces; the influences of classical, New Music, jazz, and rock music can be heard. I hope those who perform the works in this collection, whether young or adult, will enjoy playing them as much as I did composing them." (Ulrich Deppe)

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Item Number: N2636
Format: Sheet Music
Barcode: 9790204426645
ISMN: M-2044-2636-2
Instrumentation: Soprano Recorder/Flute-Piano

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