In Wald und Feld

Ulrich Deppe
Score and Parts
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In Forest and Meadow (for sopano recorder or flute, and piano)

"Children love stories, and that is exactly what the pieces in our 'In Forest and Meadow' collection are. Much as in its companion edition "Lively Feathered Friends", each of the pieces here is a story expressed in the language of music.

In Heidelberg, my piano professor Barbara Fry used to give us students the assignment of thinking up a plot to go with the pieces we were learning even if the composer had originally only composed the music as music on its own withet any extrenal reference. That helped us a lolt to interpret the pieces in a more lively way.; I thus invite all young and adult piano players of the pieces from 'In Forest and Meadow' to let the music come to life in their imagination and perhaps to make up their own stories to go with them.

And pay attention to the smallest details when playing the pieces. There's a reason why a chord should sound soft or very bright, and why notes should be softely phrased off or performed as very stacccato. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your tour of discovery in the land of music." (Ulrich Deppe)

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Item Number: N2664
Format: Sheet Music
ISMN: M-2044-2664-5
ISBN: 9790204426645
Instrumentation: Soprano Recorder/Flute-Piano

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