Fugue D952

Franz Schubert
Score and Parts
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Volume 10 of the Flanders Recorder Quartet Series

"As a composer of the early Romantic period, it is quite conceivable that Franz Schubert (1979-1828) never knew the recorder, at least not as a serious musical instrument. The recorder had experienced its hey-day during the Baroque but had been driven into obscurity by the development of the modern flute whose greater dyanmic possibilities were much better suited to the demands of the ever increasing size of the orchestra. The art of composing Fugues is also something that we associate more with the Baroque than with that of the Romantic era, J. S. Bach being the ultimate practitioner of this complex compositional style. During a 3-day stay with the composer/conductor Franz Lachner in 1828, Schubert masterly crafted his four-handed organ fugue in e minor following precisely the strict contrapuntal rules laid down by his predecessors. Together with Lachner, Schubert performed the piece on the organ in the 12th-century Cistercian abbey near the town of Heiligenkreuz. If available we recommend performing our arrangement of Schubert's e minor fugue on low instruments: tenor, f-basset, C-bass, and FF-contrabass."--Paul Van Loey

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