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Dance Music for Elfrid Ide
Instrumentation: 2-6Perc (and Pf)
ISMN: M-3007-5462-8
Details:  Score (for the parts, see EP 68140A) -- This work was written by Cage while serving on the faculty of the Dance Department at Mills College, for the graduation thesis of graduate student Elfrid Ide (daughter of composer Chester Ide). Working with amateur percussionists, one set of the existing materials--in Cage's own hand--shows extensive cuts and simplifications. This edition restores all excised passages completely, but the alterations (which are equally valid for performance) are detailed in the appendix.
Contents:  I: 6 percussionists: handclaps, claves, rattle, whisk, cowbells, slitblock. II: 4 percussionists: slide whistle, cymbal, toy piano, ratchet, squawker, bass drum, low tom tom, 3 muted gongs. III: pianist and 2 percussionists: claves, slapstick, rattle.
Dance Music for Elfrid Ide
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