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World Carols for Choirs (SATB)
Editor:  Bob Chilcott & Susan Knight
Part/Version: Vocal score
Forces or Category: SATB accompanied & unaccompanied
Details: 31 carols for SATB accompanied and unaccompanied
A ground-breaking collection including new pieces and arrangements from some of the world's finest carol composers as well as from writers whose work may be new to many. The editors have searched the globe for vibrant, exciting music representing a range of choral traditions and styles. Each piece may be sung in its original language or English, and pronunciation guides are provided for those who wish to sing the original texts. This collection will help to refresh the repertoire of choirs the world over, with most pieces suitable for choirs of all sizes and abilities.
Accompaniments for some of the carols are available on hire.
Orchestration: van Dijk - Susa Ninna: OR 2 tpt, hn, tbn, tba, organ
Sund - Ett Nyf"ott Barn:, strings
R"utti - Im Silbernen Wassergrund: harp & strings
Contents:  Eduardo Fal'u: Villancico de la Falta de Fe (For a World Without Faith) - Argentina
Movses Khorenatsi, arr. Vahram Sargsyan: Khorurd Metz (Great Mystery) - Armenia
Stephen Leek: Southern Cross - Australia
Javier Busto: Kuttun Kantak (Night Songs) - Basque Country (Spain)
arr. Vic Nees: Nu is die roe van Jesse (The Rod of Jesse) - Belgium
Ernani Aguiar: Acalanto para o Menino Jesus (Carol for the Baby Jesus) - Brazil
arr. Eleanor Daley: The Huron Carol - Canada
arr. Gilbert Patenaude: Notre divin Maître (Our master, Lord Jesus) - Canada (Quebec)
Ramón Díaz, arr. Juan Tony Guzm'an: Llega la Navidad! (Christmas is Coming) - Dominican Republic
arr. Mart Siimer: Nüüd ole, Jeesus, kiidetud (Now blessed be thou, Christ Jesu) - Estonia
Pekka Juhani Hannikainen, arr. Pekka Kostiainen: Tuikkikaa, oi joulun tähtöset (Twinkle bright, you stars of Christmastide) - Finland
Bruno Gousset: Ainsi que parmi la prée (On a hillside in the cold) - France
arr. Karsten Gundermann: Süßer die Glocken nie klingen (Sweetly the Bells are Ringing) - Germany
Robert M. Kwami: Krismas dodzi v o (Christmas Time is Here) - Ghana
Miklós Kocsár: Nagykarácsony Éjszakáján (On Great Christmas Night) - Hungary
Thorkell Sigurbjörnsson: Immanúel oss í nátt (Emmanuel, to us this night) - Iceland
Séamas de Barra: Carúl Fáilte (A Carol of Welcome) - Ireland
Rikuya Terashima: Infant Joy - Japan
Hyun Chul Lee: Jajang, jajang, Ahgi Yesu (Lullay, lullay, Baby Jesu) - Korea
arr. Selga Mence: Dedziet skalu, putiet guni (Bring us fire, bring us light) - Latvia
David Hamilton: Lullaby Carol - New Zealand
Christian Onyeji: Amuworo ayi otu nwa (For unto us a child is born) - Nigeria
Ola Gjeilo: Det hev ei rose sprunge (A spotless rose) - Norway
arr. Stanislaw Szczyci'nski: Hej, hej, lelija! (Hey, hey, lily!) - Poland
arr. Maksimiljan Fegu: Ena noc polna veselja (On a starlit night) - Slovenia
Peter Louis van Dijk: Susa ninna - South Africa
Robert Sund: Ett Nyfött Barn (A Newborn Child) - Sweden
Carl R"utti: Im Silbernen Wassergrund (In silvery darkness) - Switzerland
Bob Chilcott: My Dancing Day - UK
Rosephanye Powell: Who is the baby - USA
Alberto Grau: Niño lindo (Lovely baby) - Venezuela
Publication Date: Jul 28 2005
Level of Difficulty: B-C
Trim Size:249x174
Number of pages:240
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