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Fagerlund In America

Isola Receives U.S. Premiere
Sebastian Fagerlund is in the USA this weekend as the Buffalo Symphony Orchestra performs the US premiere of Isola on 3 October 2015.

Scored for full orchestra in 2007, Isola is an evocative and powerful narrative.

Sebastian explains the origins of the piece:
“I visited several years ago a beautiful island with the name Själö in the southwest archipelago of Finland. The island has, despite its tranquility and beauty, a dark and tragic history. During the 17th century people suffering from leprosy and women suspected of witchcraft were deported to the island. Some legends tell that they were only allowed to carry with them wood for their coffins. This feeling of scenic grandness and beauty of nature with strong underlying dark currents made a deep impression on me.

“The music is not in any way a description of the island itself. The impression though stayed in my mind and came to act as a sort of abstract inspiration for this piece.

Sebastian Fagerlund will also be presenting a series of lectures at the University of Buffalo and Isola will be performed for a second time on 4 October 2015.
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