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Reynolds' Passage, Multi-layered Performance/Lecture

Passage 9 Trailer Offers a Glimpse at Presentation from 2013
For the past several years, Roger Reynolds has been presenting a series of multimedia lecture/performances around the world. Each event is unique, but the series titled PASSAGE always features the composer’s live readings as well as still and video projections and recorded audio. Where possible, live music performance is also incorporated into the events, but the inclusion of live performance depends upon the availability of performers. Topics have ranged from John Cage (PASSAGE 7: John Cage – incidents, texts, conversations and music (2012), with pianist Jenny Lin performing works by Cage, to “The Good Life” (PASSAGE 10: Musings on “Good Lives”: Relationships, Sustenance, Aspirations – Truth, Secrets, Boundaries, Purpose, Flight). The video of excerpts below is from PASSAGE 9: On (and about) Collaboration, Xenakis, Cage, Takemitsu, The Sublime and Aesthetic Experience.

Here Mr. Reynolds succinctly describes the PASSAGE events:

“Several years ago, I began a series of presentations that offer an intriguing way of sharing observations, images, sounds, and their unpredictable resonances. PASSAGE is not a lecture “about something”, from which an audience member carries away a particular (and uniform) message. It is rather expected that each individual will make his or her own connections between the elements presented. The intent is associative and inferential, not illustrative or explanatory. My texts, read live and also pre-recorded, are spatialized in real time by an elaborate computer algorithm carefully tuned to allow a textual choreography where lines of thought intersect and challenge one another in novel ways.”

Write Gene Caprioglio at gene.caprioglio@editionpeters for further information.

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