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New Era for Edition Peters

The shareholders and the management of Peters Edition Ltd, London, C.F. Peters Corporation New York, C.F. Peters Frankfurt and Edition Peters Leipzig, announce the formation of the new Edition Peters Group.

This remarkable development is a truly historic moment in the long and complex story of one of the most prestigious names in classical music publishing. The new Edition Peters Group will be jointly owned by The Hinrichsen Foundation and Martha and Henry Hinrichsen.

The drawing together of the group’s formidable forces and personnel expertise around the globe into one unified company will have a hugely positive impact for every musician and composer associated with the company as well as its world-wide customer base.

The first benefits to customers of the new strategic thinking pursued by Edition Peters will be seen in the rationalisation of European distribution services, and the creation of a new global sales and marketing team. The positive effects of future synergies in the areas of editorial production, rights management, rental and contemporary music promotion will further enhance the rapid development of Edition Peters into a truly integrated and powerful force on the international stage.

Martha Hinrichsen expressed "The Hinrichsen family has been associated with the Edition Peters company, as both owners and management, for over 145 years. Today's announcement finally heralds the arrival of a global unified company that our Great-uncle, Max Abraham, Grandfather, Dr. Henri Hinrichsen, and Father, Walter, all three inspirational visionaries of the music publishing world, would have been immensely proud to be a part of."

Patric Standford, Chairman of the Hinrichsen Foundation said: “At the very heart of the 200 year history of Edition Peters is an innate understanding and belief in the music of its composers by their staff and management teams. Closely aligned to these artistic principles, the Hinrichsen Foundation, set up in 1976, aims to assist the performance of new and neglected contemporary music, along with scholarship and research projects. We enthusiastically welcome the Peters Group working together as a unified international business and look forward to a strong positive future.”

Nicholas Riddle, CEO of the Edition Peters Group commented: “Key to the future of music publishing in this new media age is the survival of independent publishing companies. The unification of the Peters companies into the Edition Peters Group significantly strengthens our position in the marketplace as one of the few remaining innovative independents, and opens wide the door to tremendous opportunities for change and growth.”

The new management team for the Edition Peters Group is led by Nicholas Riddle, (CEO), who is based in London. He is joined by Linda Hawken (Managing Director, Peters UK), Hermann Eckel (Managing Director, Peters Germany) and Roger McClean (Managing Director, Peters USA), alongside non-executive Director, Martin Williams (Chairman).

For more information contact Linda Hawken

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