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Dove, Jonathan


The Adventures of Pinocchio (2007) 140 min
Opera in Two Acts
Libretto by Alasdair Middleton
2S.Mez.A.Ct-T.2T.Bar.B Soloists—SATB Chorus (including small solo parts)—Dancers
2(II=Picc).2(II=Ca).2(I=Sax.II=B-cl).2(II=Cbsn)——Timp—3Perc—Pf( Cel/Kybd)—2Acdn—Mand—Hp—Str(
Published by Peters Edition (EP 7997)
First performance: 21 December 2007, Opera North, Leeds
Commissioned by Opera North and Sadler’s Wells, London

L’Augellino Belverde / The Little Green Swallow (1994) 130 min
Opera in Three Acts
Libretto adapted from Carlo Gozzi
English singing translation by Adam Pollock
3Boy Treb.2S.3Mez.Ct.2T.2Bar.B Soli—0.Picc.1.0——Perc—Hp—Pf—Cel—Str (
Published by Peters Edition (EP 7763)
First performance: July 1994, Batignano, Italy — First performance of English version: 2 June 2005, Guildhall School of Music & Drama London, conducted by Dominic Wheeler
Commissioned for the 20th Anniversary of Musica Nel Chiostro

The Enchanted Pig (2006) 120 min
A musical tale
Libretto: Alasdair Middleton
2S.Mez.A.2T.Bar.B-Bar Soli———Perc—Acdn/Pf—Hp—
Published by Peters Edition (EP 7785)
First performance: 1 December 2006, The Young Vic Theatre, London
Commissioned by The Young Vic

Flight (1998) 135 min
Opera in Three Acts
Libretto: April de Angelis
German singing translation by Ralf Nürnberger
2S.3Mez.Ct.T.2Bar.B Soli—2(I+II=Picc).2(II=Ca).2(II=B-cl).2(II=Cbsn)——Timp—3Perc—Pf (Cel)—Hp—Str(min:
Published by Peters Edition (EP 7511)
First performance: 24 September 1998, Glyndebourne Opera House, Glyndebourne Touring Opera, conducted by David Parry
Commissioned by Glyndebourne
Best Opera - 2006 Helpmann Awards, Australia

Greed (1993) 6 min
A Deadly Sin in Six Minutes
Libretto: April de Angelis
S.Mez.T.B Soli—Pf—(
Published by Peters Edition (EP 7666)
First performance: 13 June 1993, Great Hall, Lincoln’s Inn, London
One of seven works written for outgoing artistic directors of ENO based on the Seven Deadly Sins

The Hackney Chronicles (2001) 50 min
Opera in Four Acts for Children, Soloists, Chorus and Piano
Libretto: Alasdair Middleton
Published by Peters Edition (EP 7612)
First performance: 1 December 2001, Lauriston Primary School Hackney
Commissioned by the Hackney Music Development Trust

Hear Our Voice (2006) 70 min
A Dramatic Cantata for Soprano, Young People’s Voices and Chamber Orchestra (——Perc—Pf—Acdn—Hp—Str)
Music by Jonathan Dove and Matthew King written with young people as part of the Hear Our Voice Project, arranged and orchestrated by Matthew King
Libretto by Tertia Sefton-Green compiled from writing by children of the Holocaust
Performance material available from Peters Edition (EP 7784)
Commissioned by Hackney Music Development Trust, funded by a generous grant from Culture 2000 and the PRS Foundation.
First performance: 15 July 2006, Bloomsbury Theatre London, Peter Selwyn (conductor), Alison Buchanan (soprano), Die Jungen Fürther Streichhölzer Youth Orchestra Nuremberg, Students from Jubilee Primary School - Millfields Primary School - Haggerston School, Hackney London, Labenwolf Gymnasium Nuremberg, Slavíčci Choir Prague

Man on the Moon (2006) 50 min
Libretto: Nicholas Wright
3S.2Mez.4T.5Bar Soli—Male Chorus—4 spoken roles—4 mute roles 2(I+II=Picc).2(I=Ca).2.1(Cbsn)——2Perc—Hp—Pf(Cel)—Kybd—Str(5.4.3 .2.1)
Published by Peters Edition (EP 7856)
First broadcast: 26 December 2006, Channel 4
Commissioned by Channel 4
Opera Special Prize - Rose d’Or Festival for Television Programming 2007
Gold Medal for Excellence in a Performance Film - Park City Film Music Festival 2008

On Spital Fields (2005) 70 min
Community Cantata
Libretto researched and compiled by Alasdair Middleton
S.T Solo—Children’s Choirs—Community Choir—Senior Citizen’s Choir—SATB Choir—Instrumental Ensemble (Cl—Timp—Perc—Pf—Acdn—Hp—Vln.Vla.Vc.Db)—Off-stage instruments: Brass Quintet (2Tpt.Hn.T-tbn.Tba)—2Perc—4Picc
Published by Peters Edition (EP 7744)
Commissioned by the Spitalfields Festival with funds from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation to celebrate the life of Christopher Robert Vaughan 1961-1999.
First performance: 22 June 2005, Christ Church Spitalfields, Spitalfields Festival
Royal Philharmonic Society Award 2005; British Composer Award 2006

The Palace in the Sky (2000) 110 min

Community Opera in Two Acts
Libretto: Nick Dear
Actor-S.Mez.T.Bar.B-Bar Soli—Chorus&Orchestra: Continuo Group (Fl, Hn, Perc, Hp, Pf, Vln, Vc, Db) Extra Continuo (3 Fl, String Quartet) Jazz Orchestra (5-6 Tpt, 5 Sax (2A.2T.Bar), 3Tbn, Elec Gtr, Kbd, Kit. Db) Brass Band (2Cnt (I=Eflat), Flg-hn, 3Eflt Hn, 2Bar, 3Tbn, Euph, 2Eflat Tba, 2Bflat Tba, Perc) Saz Ensemble (15 players), African Drums (3-5 drummers on stage) Steel pans (10+ players) Percussion Ensemble (12-15 players)
Published by Peters Edition (EP 7604)
First performance: 3 November 2000, Hackney Empire, conducted by Stuart Stratford
Commissioned by the ENO Opera Studio with funds provided by ING Barings and the Baring Foundation

Pig (1992) 14 min
Short Opera in One Act
Libretto: April de Angelis
2S.Bar Soli———Pf—Hp—Str(
Published by Peters Edition (EP 7665)
First performance: 24 April 1992, Almeida Theatre
Written for ENO Contemporary Opera Studio

Le porte di Bagdad (2003) 35 min
Ballet chanté
Text: Italo Calvino
Mez. Bar Soli— 6 Solo Dancers, Guards and Courtiers—Ob. S-Sax—Theorbo—Perc—Hpd—Str(
Published by Peters Edition (EP 7707)
First performance: 24 July 2003, Batignano, Italy
Composed for Musica Nel Chiostro

Racconti di speranza e desiderio / Tales of Hope and Desire

1. L’altra Euridice / The Other Euridice (2001) 30 min
Opera in One Act
Libretto by the composer after Italo Calvino
English singing translation by Adam Pollock
Bar Solo—0.1.0.S-Sax.0—Hpd—Theorbo—Str(
Published by Peters Edition (EP 7613)
First performance: 9 August 2001, Batignano, Italy — First performance of English version: 12 July 2002, Almeida Opera
Composed for Omar Ebrahim and Musica Nel Chiostro

2. La dama ed il pulitore di Damasco / The Lady and the Sweep from Damascus (2003) 20 min
Opera in One Act — A story from the Arabian Nights
English singing translation by Adam Pollock
Mez.T Soli—Ob—Theorbo—Perc(Crotales – 2 octaves)—Str(
Published by Peters Edition (EP 7706)
First performance: 24 July 2003, Batignano, Italy
Composed for Musica Nel Chiostro


3.An Old Way to Pay New Debts / Un vecchio modo di pagare i nuovi debeti(2006) 30 min
Opera in one act
Libretto by Alasdair Middleton based on Chaucer’s ‘The Shipman’s Tale’
Italian singing translation by Adam Pollock
Mez.T.Bar Soli—Ob.S-Sax—Theorbo—Perc—Hpd—Str(
Published by Peters Edition (EP 7895)
First performance: 28 October 2006
Composed for Adam Pollock

Siren Song (1994) 70 min
Opera in One Act
Libretto: Nick Dear (based on the book by Gordon Honeycombe)
S.2T.Bar.BSoli—Actor—1(Picc).1.1(B-Cl).0——Pf(Cel)—Hp—Perc—Str(1 .
Published by Peters Edition (EP 7989)
First performance: 14 July 1994, Almeida Theatre
Commissioned by the Almeida Theatre

Seven Angels (2010) 30 min
Opera in seven scenes
for soprano, countertenor and harp
Text by Alasdair Middleton

(2009) 65 min
Opera in One Act
Libretto: Alasdair Middleton
Horn, Percussion, Drum kit, Accordion, Harp, Violin, Bass
Published by Peters Edition (EP71962 )
First performance: 13November 2009, Grand Theatre, Leeds
Commissioned by Opera North

Tobias and the Angel (1999) 75 min
Church Opera in One Act
Libretto: David Lan
S.2Mez.Ct.2T.2Bar Soli—3-6 Adult Men—Children’s Chorus—Adult Unison Chorus—Adult SATB Chorus—1(Picc).0.1.0——Accordion—Perc—Hp—Org—Str(
Published by Peters Edition (EP 7535)
Libretto: EP 7535a
First performance: 7 July 1999, Christ Church, London, Almeida Opera
Commissioned by Almeida Opera and St. Matthew’s Church, Perry Beeches, Birmingham

When she died… (2002) 50 min
Opera for television
Libretto: David Harsent
2S.2Mez.T.2Bar.Bass Bar Soli—2(I+II Picc.).2.2.1——Hp—Pf(Cel)—2Perc—Str(
Published by Peters Edition (EP 7622)
Version for staged performance also available (EP 7962)
First broadcast: 25 August 2002, Channel 4
First performance of the version for staged performance: Kammeroper Wien, 29 March 2007
Commissioned by Channel 4 commemorating the 5th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales

Arrangements for Birmingham Opera Company
La Cenerentola (1985), La Boheme (1986), Falstaff (1987), The Magic Flute (1988), Peace (1989), The Ring Saga (1990) - performance material available from Birmingham Opera Company
The Adventures of Vixen Sharp-Ears (1998) - Published by Universal Edition

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